Toilet Partitions 

We offer Hadrian bathroom partitions, including their industry leading powder coated partitions. Considered the best value in the industry, these partitions address key areas of durability, having high recycled content and fire and graffiti resistance at entry level price.

Powder Coated Partitions:

  • High recycled content – 50% recycled content makes these partitions an excellent choice for companies or families who are environmentally sensitive
  • Completely fireproof and give off no toxins if exposed to heat or flame
  • Proven ASTM D6578 graffiti resistance allows graffiti to be removed without damaging the finish or leaving a “ghost” image behind
  • Save up to 90% on installation due to lighter materials and pre-drilled pilasters requiring only one installer
  • Large selection of designer colors. Organic polymer coated finish is maintenance free and resistant to abrasions, chemicals, detergents, and acids
  • Hinges and latches are set within the door for easier maintenance
  • Door panels and pilasters will not warp, chip, or delaminate
  • A-level fire rating

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