Bathroom Accessories

Whether or not you hang your toilet paper over or under, you need a holder that provides a blend of performance, endurance, ease of installation and low cost. We offer Bradley products to our customers, because these holders are appropriate anywhere from stylish restaurants to office buildings or public recreation centers.

Toilet Tissue Holders

  • 21 models
  • Recessed and surface mounted
  • Vandal-resistant locking controls
  • Controlled and non-controlled delivery

Napkin Disposals

  • Type 304 stainless steel
  • Flanges with beveled edges that conceal wall irregularities
  • Equipped with tumbler locks

Seat Cover Dispensers

  • Recessed and surface mounted

Combination Units

  • Seat cover dispenser, toilet tissue holder, and napkin dispenser

No matter the needs of your business, or the needs of the client who hired you for the project, we have what you will need when it comes to holding and dispensing toilet tissue products.

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