Schlage Primus Keying 

With 40 million homes trusting their door handles and locks to Schlage, we are proud to announce that we offer the Schlage Primus key control system.

The Schlage Primus high-security key control system is precision built to extremely close tolerances and the highest standards of quality. Dual locking cylinders consist of two independent locking mechanisms, operated by a single specifically designed Primus key. Primus key control systems have 6-pin tumbler mechanisms supplemented by an independently controlled sidebar 5-pin mechanism that interfaces with the side bitting.

Side bitting is a unique “fingerprint” of the key, and this fingerprint is then used to geographically control the distribution of patented Primus keys.

Cylinders are offered in two versions:

20-500 High-Security

  • Cylinders are UL 437, listed for drill and pick-resistance

20-700 Controlled Access

  • Same protection as all non-UL 437 cylinders

Applications: Fine homes, multi-family housing, retail, office or commercial space, institutions, industrial sites and anywhere else key control and physical security are top priorities.

Certifications: 20-500 High-Security cylinder: UL/cUL 437 Listed; ANSI A156.5, Grade 1. 20-700 Controlled Access cylinder: ANSI A156.5, 1992, Grade 1 operational

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