Flush Frames 

We offer high quality Steelcraft series F, FE, FN, FS, and MU series frames. These frames are intended for use on common walls, including wood stud, steel stud, and masonry walls. Perfect for interior or exterior doors, F series frames are manufactured for welded or knock down installation.

Anchors include:

  • Wood Stud
  • Adjustable Wire Anchor for Masonry
  • Open Steel Study
  • Adjusted Base
  • Closed Steel Stud

Size options include:

  • F-18 (1mm)
  • F-16 (1.3mm)
  • F-14 (1.7mm)
  • F-12 (2.5mm)
  • FS-16 (1.3mm)
  • FN-18 (1mm)
  • FN-16 (1.3mm)
  • FN-14 (1.7mm)
  • FE-16 (1.3mm)
  • FE-17 (1.7mm)
  • MU-18 (1mm)
  • MU-16 (1.3mm)

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